How to capture ratings and feedback for specific content

Last time we kicked tires with a drop we were looking to create unique referral codes and urls that effectively let you use an Airtable form to attribute a newly created record in one table to an existing record in another.

There’s a number of things you can create with this sort of functionality and we’ll be looking at something you can use to gather feedback or collect public opinion.

Don’t worry, we’re not veering into politics.

Realistically, this would be fitting for something like a book club or an online community of some sort.

Basically, anytime you want to solicit feedback about an array of items this is what I recommend you do.


The best example to showcase is another banger called Podcast Delivery Reviews. In my case, I engage my newsletter audience to let me know what they think of the podcast I recommend them every week.

I want them do at least one of two things:

  1. give the recommended podcast a 5-star rating

  2. leave a review about the podcast

This is all done using an Airtable form that’s generated for each of the specific podcasts or records I have in my database.

Check it out and give it a try yourself!

The form is accessed via the Cast Your Vote button and, once clicked, you’re taken to an Airtable with prefilled and hidden fields that include information about the podcast you’ve just chosen to rate.

Dropping that gallery onto a landing page by using an HTML embed means you can have something pretty official-looking while using little more than Airtable and some well-placed formulas.

Let’s dive in.

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