How to create daily stand-up summaries

If you’ve ever worked in a Scrum team, you’ll know that there can be a lot of repetition to the (otherwise important) rituals you participate in. Some may view things as being dogmatic, but I definitely believe there is a some real value in establishing a healthy rhythm as a team.

One thing you find yourself doing quite a bit (everyday, really) is reporting in on the previous day’s work, today’s work, and whether you’ve been blocked by something.

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That’s right, we’re talking about those daily stand-ups.

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, you can do your stand-ups differently, especially if you’re working remotely and reporting in on Slack.


Sure, there are stand-up bots out there but there’s a pretty straightforward way for you to capture the work you’re doing, expand on it as needed, and share it all with your team.

Let’s assume you work remotely and report your day-to-day work via Slack.

What you really want to do is systematically provide inputs that are processed by a little AI and then delivered to your teammates through standard comms channels.

The best way to do this is probably through a form, although you can wire up your own Slack bot to prompt you like you see with those stand-up bots I mentioned. That’s overkill for us right now, we’re only serving ourselves, not your entire team.

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Sometimes, adding an additional layer of interactions and tooling on top of an already robust tool like Slack can be a tough sell.

In this case my goal is to get out of Slack, and make some of what I do more transactional so I don’t have to think about things too much.

Either way, you’ll wind up with the epitome of the input-process-output framework that’ll let you regain a little bit of focus as you start your day.


You can even go so far as to have your inputs cross-checked against the projects or tasks at hand, especially if everything is being stored in a single database like Airtable.

Leaning on Make for this means you can extend things into other tools as you see fit, something I try to keep in mind. However, Airtable recently started rolling out their AI product to more and more users, and you can also pull this off with their offering.

As different tools layer on evolving AI technologies onto their product, you’re bound to find a way to automatically capture even the most the minute aspects of what you do on a given day and generate a shareable summary with absolute ease.

For now, let’s pull it all together.

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