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WTF No Code started because I wanted to peel back the curtain of my freelance business, the projects that I took on, and the clients that took a chance on me. That ended up looking like long form pieces published once every 6 weeks or so. Developing that habit required a lot of focus and pattern-building that ultimately ended up being disrupted whenever I wanted to take a breather. 

Don’t get me wrong, I love getting into the weeds with an in-depth show-and-tell; but a lot goes into that – more than I can afford to give as I take on bigger and bigger projects.

Another thing that led to a bunch of headwinds was my stubborn vow to avoid AI content. Creating an AI-focused newsletter in 2023 was a fool’s errand. There were far too many of them covering the same stories, all while newsletters and AI experienced new milestones in their hype cycles.

I subscribed to dozens of AI newsletters at the start of 2023 and ultimately whittled it that down to 3 AI newsletters I trust. Take a look –

That vow to avoid serving you wholesale AI content doesn’t end. The last thing I’ll do is shift away from the no code domain after all I’ve been able to learn while exploring and operating within it.

Looking ahead, you will occasionally catch a reference to using ChatGPT’s API. I use it pretty regularly and it has proven itself to be user-friendly and an effective utility in performing a number of tasks that I simply wouldn’t consider 12 months ago.

Simply put, it’s another tool in my tool belt and when using it makes sense, I’ll use it and do my best to explain why its useful.


All this to say, I'll be mixing things up a bit and WTF NO CODE will be different in 2024.

WTF NO CODE will continue to delve into my projects and provide a glimpse into the life of a freelance developer. My goal here is to reduce the fog of war that stops so many people from running with their ideas and starting a freelance service business. I’m hoping to get at least 6 of these long form pieces published throughout the year.

Alongside this, I'll be sharing tactical components that you can use in creating your own strategies and platforms. For months I've been cultivating inspiration for what to do next with WTF NO CODE and everywhere I looked it was "strategy this and strategy that”. There are far too many “Steal my strategy and you'll 10x your revenue" bros out there and we all know they're selling you something that, at best, may have worked for them but in no way is that guaranteed to work for you.

The biggest dopa-hit comes as you start to execute on something. People want to see the fruits of their labour, don't they?

Personally, I need to get a feel for what I'm doing to understanding things better. Making sense of the pieces of what you're building at a tactical level lets you understand how ideas and concepts can bend, and when they'll break. 

So, in 2024 I’m committed to sharing ~50 tactical components that you can mix & match and even add onto your own existing projects. They’re called WTF NO CODE DROPS and they'll be as tool-agnostic as possible but there’s a good chance they'll involve Airtable & Make to get the point across. Luckily, these tools can usually be swapped out with any of their respective competitors so you should be able to connect the dots well enough that you see how to pull things off using Xano & N8N or Coda & Zapier, for example.

It’s coming together bit by bit and you’ll get your first taste this weekend!

The first WTF NO CODE DROP lands in a few days. Sign up so you don’t miss out.

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