How to automatically tag content

So last week’s one-two punch was a lot, huh?

I may have teetered on the edges of a soapbox while I picked apart the state of social media, but it felt good to reflect on a time when a little idealism could make a sizeable difference.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m motivated to get as much as I can down on paper and in your hands, but I also know that brevity is going to go a long way with this one.

So in the interest of keeping things brief and worthy of indexing, let’s figure out how to automatically tag content you add to an Airtable base.


Let’s assume you’re gathering a bunch of data about something important. You could be curating social media content or gathering your scattered thoughts like I’ve demo’d here 👇

Sure, it’s handy to get your scattered thoughts down and organized but the truly impressive piece has to do with indexing your data so you can reference it again later.

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